August 20, 2023

Third Meykin Asia International Music Competition held in Kyrgyzstan

August 20, 2023

Third Meykin Asia International Music Competition held in Kyrgyzstan

The Ruh Ordo Cultural Centre which is  a leisure centre on the shores of Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, hosted the event in Cholpon-Ata where artists from all over Asia and Europe came together. During the 2-day competition, the artists performed not only local songs of their own countries but also universal songs, which were highly appreciated by the audience of the festival.


The event was inaugurated by TURKSOY Secretary General Sultan Raev and the Minister of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy of Kyrgyzstan Altynbek Maksutov. In his opening speech, Minister Altynbek Maksutov noted that the festival, which was first organized 10 years ago upon the initiative of Secretary General Sultan Raev, has turned into one of the most prestigious and prestigious music events. Minister Maksutov also noted that the festival contributed to the career and world fame of talented young singers and recalled that the famous Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaybergen was one of the winners of the Meykin Asian Competition.


TURKSOY  Secretary General Sultan Raev who recalled that the festival was first held in 2013 further  said: "The Meykin Asia International Music Festival is a special festival for me because it is a festival of contemporary music, friendship, beauty and motivation in the Turkic World."


Following  his speech, Secretary General Raev shared the message of the world-famous Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaybergen with the participants of the festival and expressed his hope that this year's competition will bring about new stars.


Competitors who took part in the festival were Vusal Rzasoy from Azerbaijan, Adilkhan Makin, Ayna Kalmangetova from Kazakhstan, Abay Serikov, Kasiet Idirisova, Ruslan Asankan uulu, Rustam Ilyas Tegin from Kyrgyzstan, Sarvinoz Kamalova from Uzbekistan, Cevher Aksoy from Turkey, Begüm Tekakpınar from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Nada Talevska from North Macedonia, Nedica Mijajlovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tamas Palcso from Hungary, Maxim Goryunov from the Russian Federation, Veljko Radenkovich from Serbia and Sasho Gachnik from Slovenia. The festival also featured concerts of world-renowned artists.


While the international jury was chaired by Aktan Isabayev from Kyrgyzstan, members of the jury were Selim Çaldıran from Turkey, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of MESAM, composer, arranger and producer; Maryan Kataroski from North Macedonia, President of the World Festivals Association; Bahtiyar Taylakbayev from Kazakhstan, state artist; Nodir Sidikov from Uzbekistan, Chief Expert of the Ministry of Culture; and Vadim Hüseinov from Russia.

Participants of the competition were handed over their awards at a magnificent ceremony.


The Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Edil Baisalov: "With this festival, we do not only bring new talents to world music, but also contribute to  tourism in Kyrgyzstan.


Speaking at the ceremony, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Edil Baisalov congratulated the artists and the jury and expressed his special thanks to TURKSOY Secretary General Sultan Raev. Noting that in 2013 he was one of the participants of the first festival, Deputy Prime Minister Baisalov further added: "In the coming years, this festival will become much bigger. I would like to thank our Ministry for the magnificent organization and I would also like to express my gratitude to our jury and artists. Indeed, with this festival we  not only bring new talents to  world music, but also contribute to  the development of tourism in Kyrgyzstan. Therefore, we are very happy. Mr. Raev, Secretary General of TURKSOY, I congratulate you. You launched this festival ten years ago when you were the Minister of Culture. We hope that this festival will become one of the most important events of Kyrgyz cultural life in the coming years.


While Aina Kalmaganbetova from Kazakhstan won the Grand Prix, Begüm Tekakpınar from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Ruslan Asankan uulu from Kyrgyzstan won the First Prize, Sarvinoz Kamalova from Uzbekistan and Nada Talevska from North Macedonia won the Second Prize and Adilkhan Makin from Kazakhstan and Kasiet Idirisova from Kyrgyzstan won the Third Prize. The People's Favourite Artist Award went to Cevher Aksoy from Turkey.


Begüm Tekakpınar from the TRNC: I never expected to be first.


Festival participants shared the excitement of their artists during the announcement of the awards. When her name was announced by the jury as winner of the  first prize, the artist Begüm Tekakpınar from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus expressed her happiness with the following words: "I never expected to be the first. I was very excited. I am very happy to get such a result. I will soon sing the piece I wrote on stage once again. I am very happy. I have participated in many festivals in my own country, but this is the first time I have participated in a festival abroad. I came to Kyrgyzstan for the first time. Issyk-Kul is wonderful, everything here was wonderful. Thank you very much.'' 


Begüm Tekakpınar from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus received her award from Sultan Raev, the Secretary General of TURKSOY.


Once again, the Grand Prix went to Kazakhstan 


As a result of the voting of the International Jury, the Meykin Asia Grand Prix Award once again went to Kazakhstan. Aina Kalmaganbetova, who participated in the competition from Kazakhstan, became the second Kazakh artist to win this award after the Kazakh artist Dimash Kudaybergen, who won the Grand Prix of the first festival. Aina Kalmaganbetova who was handed over her award by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic Edil Baisalov  expressed her happiness to receive this award.


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